AMAZING! Although I have used the make up artist before this is my first experience with The Make-Up Box and it was fabulous. It takes your stress away completely and you are left in peace to be pampered and get the look YOU WANT. You have your privacy away from your home, and the make-up team can work effectively in their own space having all their equipment to hand. It seemed easy and effortless for both sides. The team were welcoming and friendly but also professional. I didn't actually have to say what look I wanted, they just knew! They're in with the latest look and know how to make you look glam. They're also great on time, so impressive. I had a beautiful facial before my make up went on so my face felt ready for the make up to go on. It's amazing how the The Make-Up Box is actually a box but you feel like you're in a beauty salon. The idea, the make up artist, the team, are all just great. They really are lovely and I would highly, HIGHLY recommend them. In fact I have not used any other since I found them. A very happy customer and totally recommend them, take my word, you will not be disappointed

Nadia Ahmed